Our principals combine over 25 years of ecological and mitigation experience in the environmental industry with over 20 years in the investment and financial management space, making us exceptionally qualified to work with you to meet your goals.

Eco Endowment Solutions is a sub-division of Carmel Capital Partners

Russell Silberstein

Investor and Fund Manager

Russell Silberstein is the Founder and Principal of Carmel Capital Partners, a San Diego based investment management firm overseeing $220 million in client assets. Carmel Capital Partners provides investment management services and also provides the financial accounting and reporting for all managed accounts.


Mark Laska LinkedIn

Mark Laska, PhD

Environmental Entrepreneur

Mark S. Laska, Ph.D. is the Founder of Great Ecology, an environmental and ecological design consulting firm that focuses on habitat restoration, and a managing partner of Tellurium Partners a mitigation banking company.


Shelly Warris – Operations Manager

Dr. Jill McGrady – Great Ecology – Land Management Support

Davis Ladd – Marketing & Sales Manager

Grant Spiegel – Business Development Associate

Lilia Gavrilenko – Accounting

Carmel Capital Partners

Carmel Capital Partners is an investment-centric firm for investors who are looking for an alternative approach to investing. The San Diego-based firm was founded in 2002 by Russell Silberstein with the goal of delivering stable long-term returns for clients through opportunistic, value-oriented investments.

To achieve this, they have rejected the Wall Street status quo of selling cookie-cutter mutual funds and ETFs just to “set it and forget it.” Instead, they invest directly in equities and fixed income, and they go beyond traditional investments to incorporate real estate and private equity.

Today the firm manages $250 million in assets.

Great Ecology

Great Ecology

Great Ecology, a pioneering environmental consulting firm founded in 2001, integrates science and design and focuses on habitat mitigation and restoration projects. Great Ecology has strategized, designed, built and worked on over 800 completed projects over the past 19 years including at least 35 mitigation banks in 8 states.

Great Ecology has offices in New York, Denver, and San Diego.

Tellurium Partners, PBC

Tellurium Partners, PBC is an investment and project development group that specializes in creating valuable ecological resources and habitat mitigation from degraded lands. Tellurium Partners invests in and manages environmental assets for the benefit of land owners and those in need of mitigation.

Formed in 2016, Tellurium has offices in San Diego, CA and Denver, CO.