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conservation and financial goals

The EES Model

  • Allows the land manager to retain influence on asset management with a customized investment portfolio while providing full transparency
  • Removes the need for foundations, big banks, and cookie-cutter financial approach meaning you pay lower fees
  • Provides regulators and board members with the comfort of independent third party oversite that understands land conservation and compliance requirements

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The EES Difference

    • EES - Full Control100%
    • Other Managers - Partial Control50%

Placing your endowment capital in a big bank or foundation might be your first instinct, but large financial institutions are expensive, and lack transparency in fees and processes.
Foundations usually pool your capital into a fund and can be as bureaucratic as any regulatory agency. No matter how big your project is, you will always be a small client to them.
EES offers a better choice with full transparency in our processes, individualized portfolio management, lower fees, deep environmental knowledge, and customized financial support with your land management needs at the forefront.

The EES Risk vs. Reward Ratio

We help our clients identify the right investing approach for their assets based on numerous market factors and financial goals.
Every client situation is different and no investment approach will be the same. Our experts combine decades of knowledge with leading resources to develop the right portfolio mix for your organization.

Who We Serve

EES works with a variety of clients from both the private and public sectors.

New & Existing Land Trusts

New & Existing Mitigation Banks

Law Firms

Non-Profit Organizations


Regulators, Consultants, & More

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